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our refund policy

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Refund Policy

Here at Createevs, LLC our refund policy is simple. We want everyone that works with us to have nothing but good things to say about us, even if we find out we aren’t a good fit. We try hard to notice this during client intake, but we are human and sometimes we miss the mark.

With that said, the details of our refund policy are listed below:

Createevs will offer absolutely NO REFUNDS for any work performed or for any reason, unless a written letter 90 Days prior to cancellation is approved by management and signed off by our CEO.

We have a history of delivering excellence for our clients and normally don’t deal with refund request, but do understand that things change like funding, timelines, and personal items. If given the chance we will make everything right for our clients and we give 100% credit for low refund request to being willing to work with our clients given the opportunity.

Thank you for understanding in advance.


Brent Harrison - CEO/FOUNDER

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